James Hyett is a linguist

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I am not currently affiliated with any research institution, but have been lucky enough to present and be published for my co-authorship of some papers with Carol Percy. I met Carol through the 2017 iteration of the Jackman Humanities Institute's Scholars-in-Residence program at the University of Toronto. After our month together concluded, we kept in touch and began working on a project to analyse the development of the use of "you was" as a variant form of "you were" in English through combining linguistic and dramaturgical analysis of eighteenth-century comedies.

I started out in linguistics as a precocious high school student, sketching out conlangs and competing in the North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition (then Olympiad) and going on to be part of Team Canada (there was only one at the time) in the 2015 International Linguistics Olympiad in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Then, I studied linguistics in my undergrad at the University of Toronto, with specific interest in historical linguistics and phonetics, as well as sociolinguistics. My time at The Academy stopped then, but my linguistic interest has found other modes of expression, including learning languages, translating, dialect coaching, and indeed writing on linguistics as an independent scholar! Below is a listing of my work.

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