James Hyett is a Stage Manager


I have managed a few stages!

All of my stage management so far has been with the fine folks at Gay for Pay Productions, on both of their critically-acclaimed comedies. Here is a full listing:

Blake and Clay's Gay Agenda, December 27—31, 2023, The Assembly Theatre. Part of Bad Dog Theatre's Comedy on Queen Street.

Gay for Pay with Blake and Clay, November 16—27, 2022, Streetcar Crowsnest – The Scotiabank Community Studio. In association with Crow's Theatre. TTDB listing.

Gay for Pay with Blake and Clay, July 9—17, 2022, Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space. Part of the Toronto Fringe Festival. TTDB listing.

Would you like me to manage your stage?

Get in touch! Maybe drop me a message on Neocities. If you're not going to send me spam, you can also email me. I was lucky enough to register a Gmail account that uses just my full name as the local-part.